Why do I need to buy a new map update?
The road network is constantly changing. Having a fresh map ensures you have the wealth of information you need to find your destination with ease. This includes new and updated road networks and thousands of Points of Interest - from petrol stations to airports and from casinos to wineries. With a new map you can be comfortable knowing that you have the latest information available for your Renault Navigation System, providing you with a better travel experience whether on business or leisure.

How often are new map updates released?
Updates are available once a year. If you would like Renault to inform you when your new map update becomes available. Register Here.

How can I be certain I am ordering the right map for my navigation system?
Please see the part number reference on the box or disc and correlate this with the information contained within the compatibility table.

The map that I was supplied does not contain a road that I know exists. What can I do?
The map providers HERE make every effort to provide map data that is up to date, but changes in the road network do occur. Should you want to provide feedback on the roads you travel, you can do so by visiting Map Creator.

What delivery method is used for my map and how long does it take?
Your parcel will be shipped by courier service. When your parcel is dispatched, you will be emailed a unique identifier number to track its progress. The time it takes to arrive will depend on the shipping service you chose. Express Saver option will ship via next day service. Saver service option will deliver within 3 to 5 business days.

What should I do with the software CD that I have received with my product?
First enter the software CD into the navigation system and let the install function complete before loading the navigation disc.

Do I have to pay local taxes?
Yes, we will display local taxes as you order your map. If your country-specific tax is not shown, then we apply tax at the Dutch tax rate which is 19%.

How secure are my payment details?
For security, all personal details and credit card details once entered are encrypted.

What should I do if I wish to return the map that I have purchased?
Only unopened map data products purchased from this website can be returned to HERE for refund or exchange. For information on how make a return or exchange, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

I have a question about my Renault Navigation System.
For advice on all Renault navigation system hardware, contact your dealer.

I have a question about my Renault Navigation Map.
For advice on the map inside your Renault Navigation System, please Contact Us.

If you can't find the answer to your question, you can Contact Us and we will respond to your inquiry within 72 hours.